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I'm somewhat afraid of exim :( I ran exim in debug mode because greylisting does not seem to work it simply does not try to deliver the mail again
and the queue is also empty
the logfile shows up:
2010-05-01 09:07:21 1O86n5-0001dW-4P Spool file 1O86n5-0001dW-4P-D not found
but running exim in debugmode does not show up any such error
hi folks
what defer means in acl condition?
I'm setting control = submission/domain=
but the Sender header isn't being rewritten
in fact, once I've authenticated, I can spoof whatever header I want by logging in over telnet (well, openssl s_client)
Sender: some.other.user@domain
and it's propagated into the -H file in in the exim spool
and $authenticated_id is correctly set?
try using "exim -d+all -bh" to debug it
Narren, exim.org -> docs
you can use -oMaa and -oMai to pretend it's authenticated, but that won't be the same as actually sending AUTH commands
06:09:56 11164 check control = submission/domain=
so it does this
after the rcpt to:
I then do data\nSubject: Foo\nSender: spoofed@spoofed.com\n
then it tells me the header's recieved
it accepts the headers...
it adds a From, which is fine, but it accepts the Sender I specified
the weird thing is, according to the docs, in submission mode, teh From header will be added if one isn't, but it won't be if not in submission mode. A from header is added, it's clearly in submission mode
but then the docs say that in submission mode, any existing sender: lines are removed, but they aren't.
check the source?
yeah, that's a project for tomorrow I think

i have exim4 and debian running
i would like exim to use 2 smtp remote hosts, the authentification information is correctly saved in /etc/exim4/passwd.client, in /etc/exim4/update.conf.conf, the 2 smtp hosts are given as dc_smarthost, it works for one, but not for the second, since (as far as i understand the mainlog), exim would always connect to the first host, how do I tell him, which smtp host to use?
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