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Is it possible to exim to discard all spam/viruses?
bonez2046: ?
where do I have to put the transport/whatever stuff from http://www.devco.net/archives/2006/03/14/exim_vacation_messages.php ?
I'm trying to configure sa-exim to use a different SApermreject depending on the local part of the to address (so I can be more strict with mails going to my mailman).
That setting is "a string (without quotes) that gets evaluated at runtime by exim", so I believe it's possible
HardDisk_WP: all that away/vacation stuff is also in the official exim docs.
henk, indeed, http://wiki.exim.org/EximAutoReply. but even this doesnt state where these commands should go
i mean, which file?!
(I use Debian testing's exim with split config)
HardDisk_WP: afaict that depends on the solution you use...
henk, i just placed it into router/ and transport/ subdirectories, lets see what happens
henk, how can I debug the stuff?
i want to see what happens^^
HardDisk_WP: -bh
i'm just trying to understand the return-path set by exim. afaict it is set from the envelope MAIL FROM when the mail leaves the mta. know when a php-script sends a mail the return-path is set to 'www-data@FQDN'. messages about delivery problems and such get send there. according to rfc 2076 this header should be used and not errors-to. is everything i said correct? is that how it's usually done? i'd like to receive reports about that email at me@mydoma.in. ...
... what would i have to do?

why does email from Lotus Notes have two Envelope-to: addresses by the time my transport gets it? transport config and start of captured mail at http://pastebin.org/139007
hello when i tried to send a root email using mail -v root, i got some error: etc_mailname: Unrouteable address
fastputty: what's in /etc/mailname?
in my driver=pipe transport, what's the best way to pass "the" recipient address to the command? $local_part@$domain, or is there a shorthand 1-variable form?
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