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My ISP has decided to list all ips on spamhous PBL list. I don't host a home email server, I have a server hosted at a datacenter. When I send and email from say thunderbird, it attaches my ip address to to email header. This triggers a block on the PBL, even though my server is legit and not blocked. How can I either delete my IP address or rewrite it so shows it is originating from the server itself?
don't send to incompetent hosts? :)
help, I need to figure out where in my exim4.conf.template to put a router section for Mailman.. would I put it AFTER my smarthost section, or before?
hello mschiff !
Simon-: probably before... right?
bonez2046: probably before... right?
Simon-: sorry
henk: I put that router section before the smarthost section and it doesn't seem to phase it.. not sure if exim is even reading that file.. at all
is there any way to test whether it is, or not? what if I renamed that file temporarily?
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