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the debconf is asking for a list of ip addresses rather than a hostname for a hop host. Why not a hostname?
ip address saves the time needed for a name lookup...
henk: I am using the no local mail option, which seemed to imply nothing coming in with SMTP. But, it asks for this ip address stuff anyway, and then fails when I give it to the thing.
2010-04-23 14:17:15 socket bind() to port 25 for address failed: Cannot assign requested address: daemon abandoned
Guest12700: what exactly does it ask for?
Please enter a semicolon-separated list of IP addresses. The Exim SMTP
listener daemon will listen on all IP addresses listed here.
It accepts blank so I'm trying that...sorry to vent at you so much. Your patience is appreciated very much and I apologize for the needless heat.
henk: Looks like I have made headway. Thank you again.
hi all
quick question to the comunity
for sender verification is it possible to specify Mail From in the callout ?
anybody ?
i'm using the debian exim config with slight modifications to my exim4.conf.template - i've added a section like this: http://nopaste.info/c4e292a2a9.html that allows me to read "virtual" users from the file given. now ... i've thought its nice that user can use theirusername+somesuffix@mydoma.in, so i've added that local_part_suffix stuff there ... now it seems like those +something messages get delivered for all
my question would be how to identify the router serving system users, so i can add that line there too?
heyyas towski
Heyyas, i'm having issues with exim
exim is failing to send mail to its own domain
i'm using google mail for the domain, so i'm trying to send to it via smtp and its failing miserably
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