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in my server log i see a lot of 2010-04-16 13:14:05 1O2jUn-0003mx-7c malware acl condition: unable to connect to sophie UNIX socket (/var/run/sophie). errno=2
does anyone know what do to about htat?
this mail-server just forwards to another mailserver of mine... so i disabled clam antivirus on this one
because clam broke with the last update... and i don't think i need to run clam twice
make sophie listen on that socket
phx: what is sophie?
talin, probably your virus scanner
talin, read that log entry please
before crying about things, you should read your logs yourself
phx: please calm down
i'm absolutely calm, don't worry
it was just a question
and it was just a suggestion
an absolutely faint one
thte suggestion suggests that you ought to take it easy
it seems that this is a common problem when you diable av_scanner in /etc/exim.conf
some forums suggest that when you uncomment the av_scanner in exim.conf in order to stop scanning, you might need to delete some socket

I looked at an email that I got from someone; and it was exchange 6.5
the content type was base64
so the body of the email was not 'in the clear' its base64 :/
how do I do that for exim?
or is that an MUA feature?
Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
is how it came across..
Mystique: Generally, an MTA is not concerned with the message body for the purposes of transmission - what are you trying to do?
what do i have to set up in order to get mail delivered if ldap lookup for local aliases fails (ie: sending to remote hosts)?
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