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ok, the problem is that From shows normal value, but sender shows erronous value.
sender shows "user@example.com"@example.com
you could watch a delivery in debug mode to see where its getting that
petemc, will do. thanks
petemc, my issue I guess is related to this configuration http://www.exim.org/exim-html-3.20/doc/html/spec_11.html#SEC252
if the login is in the form user@domain.com, it adds a sender address as "user@domain.com"@domain.com
How could I compare dates with each other?
I'm trying to implement a router for the "Deferred-Delivery" header.
And I want to compare the date in the header against the current time.
somehow convert it to epoch maybe
Then I would have to cut the string up in pieces and perform some calculations?
hi everyone, i don't understand a thing: i have 2 routers, one for aliasing, one for userforwarding...if i send an
email to an alias of my username, exim says to me that the userforwarding is called
does the aliasing router rewrite the adress and then send the mail to the userforward one if located after in the
ewxim conf file?
well it's ok i have found start of answers in the doc
hi everyone, i try to understand something, a redirect router cannot lead to a queue for transport, it only rewrite a recipient address?
but in case of filtering (with a filter file), i got the impression that my redirect router send my message to a transport router directly, is that correct?
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