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morning guys. Does anyone know where i can find an example of 'vacation' on exim4 with mysql. I have set one up, and it works, except the sender also gets a bounce message that says it failed to deliver to "user#rcptdomain@autoreply.mydomain.tld"
mmm, ok, i found something
I have no idea why *some* mail gets :blackhole:-d when sending mail to shared IMAP folders and other mail gets through as it should. Filtering takes place using a systemfilter. Any ideas how I can tackle this please?
ive recommended ways for you to debug things before and you've ignored them
-bt and -bh are useful
sorry petemc , you gave me a hint to use a certain command. But that lead me to an interactive shell on which I did not know what to do
with -bh, you simulate a smtp transaction
helo foo
mail from: foo@bar
rcpt to: joe@yourdomain
yes. that's the one. -bt: I already checked that the systemfilter catches the mail and tries to deliver it to +shared.bla.bla on the correct server
so systemfilter recognizes the sender and subject and issues a "deliver" command to the correct (shared) mailbox
yet, for some reason it is caught on the way and trashed to :blackhole:
how are you determining that?
but it depends who is sending and receiving if that is the case so I suspect I need to force some header
one mo
use -bh as i described above

yeah, you've showed that before, its not very telling
I suppose the problem is in:
>>> check local_parts = \N^\+shared\..+\N
>>> bacula-operator in "^\+shared\..+"? no (end of list)
>>> accept: condition test failed
strange thing is however that at first glance the output of exim -bh of mailaddresses used for various emails is the same where as some fail and some are delivered as they should
intriguing puzzle
thanks for the tips petemc
hi guys. What happens if I put 'hostlist some_hosts = mysql;SOME_QUERY' into my exim's config file? When this query run? Just once at exim's start, right?
i hope it sounds clear :)
or may be it runs every time smtp session is started?
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