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any exim zealots around?
i need some help, im trying to require that STMP clients use TLS ONLY and not plaintext
but auth_advertise_hosts = ${if eq{$tls_cipher}{}{}{*}} does nothing
im running exim4 on debian
and i created my own configfile by exporting from the template
hi everyone, i already know the answer but i guess it's very possible to use the same certificate for each application we want to secure? (https, imaps, pops, smtps,...) what are the dangers?
I have "hostlist relay_from_hosts = :" in my config and somehow I cant telnet localhost 25
problem solved
nachos: have you set tls_advertise_hosts, tls_certificate and tls_privatekey ?
First step is to get tls working... then think about auth afterwards.
Hi... Can anybody suggest me a solution for write at exim's log file the name(s) of attached file(s) at the messages?
We have civicrm and are working on moving our primary / staff mail server into Google apps. But we send dozens (hundreds?) of emails a day through our webserver with drupal, civicrm, and exim.
We have created a new domain, mail2.domain.com, which will act as the webserver mail server
will this be a problem for having our email marked as spam, since it's coming from an email address @domain.com, which is of course, automatically pointed to our primary mail server?
(Action) is looking for the best place in which to ask this, but figured #civicrm and #exim would be a good place to start
dwrudy: Many organizations have seperate MX and MTAs
I'm familiar with MX records, but not with MTAs. I'll look that up and give myself a crash course in it right now.
dwrudy: What that simply means is that the server that sends mail from your domain does not have to be the same as the server that receives it, which is what I think you were asking
If that had to be the case "it would not scale well" (apologies to Paul Vixie)

right. That makes sense.
and yes, that was part of my question. I also want to dig deeper into the precise way we're sending the emails to make sure that won't be a problem... but that's for my own research, and a discussion in #civicrm
Is there a way for exim to dump the information about what happens during a TLS connection anywhere?
I've got some folks attempting TLS submits and failing with very little useful information (via Outlook, of course) and I'd love to be able to see inside the TLS session
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