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I want my MTA to authenticate when connecting to its smarthost ... hosts_require_auth works just fine, there is a plaintext authenticator that uses client_send just fine ... but how can I restrict it to only try to login to the one specific server I have credentials for? Something like server_condition, but for clients?
does anyone have a good example of a maildir local_delivery syntax
ok, maybe I got this wrong
exim_dovecot might be more efficent
i'll show you mine, but i warn you, it's really REALLY oversophisticated
I have an ldap userdb backend and am using pam nsswitch integration, how would be the best way to automatically create a users home directory when the first message is delivered.
hi everyone
i have written a rewriting rule *@*.example.org $1@example.org h
and i sent an email to my google account and the From field is now "ftg,,," and not just "ftg"
do you have an idea of what happens?
From field?
FabTG: you mean the from header? what was in there when you sent the mail and what was in there when you received it? did you check with -brw if the rewriting works as you expect it to?
henk: good idea i'm gonna check that
henk: well there is ftg everywhere, that's what i wanted
but why google prints "ftg,,,,"?
henk: in fact i did'nt answered to the begining of your question: when i receive the email, Gmail print "ftg,,,," instead of "ftg"
hi everyone, Newbie question: is there a difference between the "from" field and a "From" field? ;)
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