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one more question
exim is sending messages to the server
after data exim server is getting 5xx error from remote server
how to make exim server not to generate bounced message
Hello All
I have a quick question on exim . . .if someone can help me
is it possible to set incoming attachment limit for a particular email address
hi all
does anyone know whether it's possible to filter incoming mail on a per-domain basis by IP range of the sender?
so "accept from these ranges, deny from everything else"
steve: yes. Just use some combination of "hosts" and "domains" conditions in your rcpt acl (assuming you mean per recipient domain)
good morning all
good evening for somebody, ;-)
I've stuck with one problem, so you help is more then appriciated
i have two servers - server A (exim) server B(some SMTP)
server A recieves messages from the world and sends them to B
then server A is getting 550 from B and generates bounced
so A is a forwarder for B, right?
question is how to catch that bounced and send to particular address
well sort of forwarder
errors_to = foo@bar on the router that forwards to B
B is doing A/V, A/S
errors_to works

fantastic then
but any messages has changed return_path
and i'm bit confused with that return_path
not all messages which are comming to B generate 550
in case if message from A is spam B generate 550
errors_to only comes into effect in the event of an error
hmm, even clean message had changed return_path
why it happened
Hello. From my understanding exim sends a delivery report to the sender upon permanent error response. Until permanent error, exim retries at 15min,30,45,60,75,90,2hrs,6hrs, up to 4 days. We have clients that send cheque information by email, and need to be informed as soon as possible if there is a delay. Are these intervals / events configurable?
begin retry section
any thoughts regarding my question ?
just tested one more time
return-path was changed
at the router wirh errors_to option
is there any "pre"-option for errors_to ?
actually dropping bounced messages will work as well
is there any way to force exim not to generate bounced but just ignore 550 from B in my case ?
borei: Thanks. Will do some reading now.
plex: np
ok, will ask question in the another way
why errors_to works for messages without error
and only return-path is affected ?
anybody ?
not sure if somebody new here
i've question about exim-generated bounces
how to redirect all of them to particular email addresse ?
ok, i need your opinion about changed return_path
errors_to option in the router configuration rewrite return_path header under any conditions - error or not
that is not very good
to solve it i'm doing return_path=$local_part@$domain at the transport level for corresponding router
is it correct or i don't see some underwater rocks
i need help urgently
anybody ?
return_path should be $sender_address
can I configure exim4 to run a bunch of virtual hosts, each on a seperate IP? so the system is indestinguishable from several, completely seperate servers over the network?
I'm hosting list mailing for several local political organizations that mail to lists upwards of a thousand recipients, and I don't want one client being reported as "spammy" to cause problems for my own companies mail or other clients.
these lists are all opt-in, and we encourage responsible email use, but its impossible to avoid the occasional blacklist/spam identification. and since its political, large groups of people subscribing and then marking it spam or otherwise messing with reporting malliciously isn't out of the question.
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