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hmm, my server allows anonymous users to connect via telnet and send mail to local accounts (even mailman lists!) with faked usernames..
which is quite.. stupid
what went wrong
riot: So, you have a mail server on the Internet that accepts connections from anyone on port 25 and relays mail to local accounts?
CunningPike: no, it doesn't open relay, its halfopen :/
I didn't say open relay - I said relays to local accounts
My point is, that is exactly what MTAs are supposed to do
a friend faked a mail under my name to a local maillist
something is wrong here.
tried with another mailsystem - didn't work
So, he sent a mail purporting to be from a local account?

Well, it sounds like you need some ACLs set to prevent that...
The sample exim.conf contains examples, I'm sure
i wonder, why they are maybe i fscked up during my configuration. It was a clean debian config
which afaik doesn't allow that to happen
riot: Use 'exim -d -bh <ip_address>' to troubleshoot your ACLS
i can't make out anything bad - or anything at all
hi, i set 1MB to attach to level global, how can i accept 5MB example for @example.domain?
i mean message_size_limit = 1M how can i set condition to 5M if the mail came from @example.domain?
riot, EMPER0R: You both need to read up on how to write acls
yea i guess i found it
is this correct ? just check me this line
example.com: 20M
exmaple.com: The largest acceptable message size for Example.com is\ ${expand:${lookup{$domain}lsearch*@{/etc/exim4/domain-size-limits}}}.\ Your message was $message_size.
As a line in exim.conf?
yes just that
it's correct? right?
i found that here http://koivi.com/exim4-config/
hi all, is there a way to tell exim not to show the initial received from header? the IP of our office (we are a tech support operation, we do some in house support) is blacklisted because a PC brought in for repair sent out a few spam messages and its getting legitimate emails bounced
uhmm can't make acl message_size_limit
uf need domain check to can pass more Mb
hi, I can't seem to find the documentation on how to change the internal databases for exim. I would like to change the build-in database for rate-limit to some external mysql database, so I can have multiple exim servers that use the same ratelimiting... is this possible?
hello guys, I have a problem. Sometime forgot my exim the upstream hosts list. Have somebody something near it?
Is there any way to defer on a per message instead of per host or recipient basis? And to set a specific defer retry time for that case?
Or something similar to defer that provides a means of delaying message delivery?
I have a router that pipes a message to an external program which writes to a database.
I need to forward the message on to a list of users once the external system has processed the message.
Normal defer doesn't work because it's per host, so each incoming message bumps the retry time further.
Well, I found http://bugs.exim.org/show_bug.cgi?id=212, which hasn't been addressed since at least 2002.
So if anyone else has ideas, your input would be appreciated!
Hi, i need to deny some messages filtering it for the subject, but i don't know how to do this... Any suggestion ?
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