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how do i setup an alias to a remote address?
riot: same way you would a normal alias
tho im sure you've figured that out yourself by now
I have a redirect router that defers messages based on a condition. I want the retry time for messages that hit this defer to be less than that of my global retry. Is there an easy way to do this?
hi everyone, i try to configure exim4 on my local network to send mails from a machine to another, i'm on debian and have both configured with debconf
i have chosen the "internet site" configuration at first
the first host is listening to local ip adress on port 25 (that is opened with iptables by the way)
hi everybody
can you help me with svn please¿
i need it sends an email when users make commit
i´ve configured mail.conf but it doesn´t work right
Is that even using Exim? I don't know what mail.conf is.
Does anybody use gossip or any other kind of reputation system?
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