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Hello, is there a possibility to transfer exim accounts between two servers? I googled and found nothing about this
i can't really imagine what you might mean...
I have two servers, both are with exim. And I need to export some mail accounts from the first server to the second
rs_CI: define 'mail account' please.
Hey all. If I put a router at the top of the list of routers, it should be the first one tried right? And if I run exim -bh and talk SMTP to it I should see it being executed? Well, I don't... I see the second router being called first, what's wrong with my understanding?
routers are evaluated top-to-bottom right?
This is exim 4.69 in case that makes any difference
add -d to see more debug
it'll tell you why it's not using it
ahh thank you
http://pastebin.com/m734ff2e9 <- at the top is the debugging result, and below is the router I'm trying to add
doesn't really tell me why it skipped it
it's not the require_files line (just tried commenting it out)
hmm is $home not set during the verify phase?
(Action) answers his own question with google, sorry for the noise
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