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hello friends
i have a problem running spamassassin as a content checker integrated into exim: i have defined clear_headers & add_header all Flag _YESNOCAPS_ in the local.cf. it seems to work fine when piping a mail through spamc, but not when exim hands over a mail to spamd
somehow neither the preexisting headers are cleared, nor does the X-Spam-Flag header get added
does exim handle piping mails to spamd differently than spamc?
ah, exim just uses some information returned from spamd and throws away the working copy of the mail
Why would an outbound email be in Mail/outbox.0, but not be recorded in /var/log/exim4/mainlog*?
The "mailq" command reports nothing.
Is it possible to route some messages based on the user/alias part of a to: address?
We have a scenario where 10 addresses need to be routed to one mailserver.. all others to another
If you mean is it possible to route some users differently to others... yes, certainly.
(But using the recipient addresses, not the "To:" headers.)
yes :)
They're currently routing everything to an exchange server, then forwarding... but that server only has 400kbps upstream
Hi all! I sometimes spot in the Exim mainlogs "SSL_write error 5". Google shows some matches, but no answers to the cause. Does anyone here have a clue?
I am trying to debug the logfiles of a batch of about 4000 mail supplied by mailman to exim, some of which was rejected by hotmail because of 452 Too many recipients.
In the logfile I first see a timestamp, unique ID and then a list of about 334 recipients; the recipients mentioned in the errors belonging to that same unique ID don't appear in the big list though.
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