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Can I send email via the command line using exim?
man mail
Can that be used with openssl to sign messages?
i don't really now, might be
if openssl can sign :)
It can, but any output it gives just seems to get thrown into the message body.
Thunderbird picks it up as text and doesn't parse it as a signed message.
hi all - I'm trying to figure out address my delay notificatinos are send from. the manual (ch46) says 'The From: and To: header lines are automatically generated;'
but doesn't give details as to how they are generated
when I look for info about smtp_receive_timeout it appears the default is listed as 5m, and people generally have numbers >5m, like 15m. It also appears that cpanel defaults to 165s. What should i be considering as a sane value for this configuration?
zro: Try the default and see it that works for you
the 5m, ya, I am setting that. I'm curious as to the implications of higher and lower values, and why cPanel seems to think half the default is appropriate. I only have one individual who seems to be having an issue with timeout after DATA

i have a customer using a mailserver with a timeout like 20 seconds... the rfc says 5m afaik. an smtp connection that needs that long must have a problem though...
a normal smtp connection should even stay below cpanel's 165 seconds...
so if the 165 isn't cutting it for one sender for one client, its probably the senders issue, huh. Well, the sender is a me.com account ... a mac server: asmtpout023.mac.com
zro: depending on your config...
perhaps a dnsbl times out on your side, or a spamd or av-server takes a long time to answer...
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