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anyone still awake currently?
i've been trying around with Sieve filter scripts in ~/.forward, exim seems to interpret them more or less fine except that when i try to appendfile for example a spam-tagged message to "INBOX.Junk", "Junk" or "$home/Mail/.Junk/" i get this in my logs:
1NH60P-0006sM-4T == save inbox (daddel9@ghostdub.de) <daddel9@kanojo.de> R=userforward T=address_file defer (-21): appendfile: file or directory name "inbox" is not absolute
what exactly does that mean ... i've found this strange seeming post http://www.mail-archive.com/exim-users@exim.org/msg34655.html
with some file = modification, but i'm also not sure where exactly do add/modify it
hi. what do you think is a correct operation when sending email to a non-existent recipient ?
[I mean what would be a correct operation of the target server]
reject it
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