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You're totally welcome
howdy people! Is there a way to store client_secret as non-cleartext in exim.conf?
I'm trying to set up exim on ubuntu 8.04 I've followed the documentation on their site but I can't get exim to require authentication when accessing through smtp. It just doesn't ask for user or password just sends the mail. Where can I look to get this to work?
Hi, i'd like to have exim bounce mail to a particular address, so i added this to my virtual aliases:-
bugs-2007: :fail: Mailbox expired, please edit the address and try again
my understanding is that this should reject at smtp level with code 550 and including that message, but instead it rejects with "550 unknown user"
is my understanding of :fail: corrrect? in that the message should be used in the smtp response?
the ACL that verifies the user is providing its own message
Simon-: thanks. can you suggest how i could override that behaviour?
this is the router that is dealing with the virtual domains:- http://pastebin.com/m4842e9da
if i edit :fail: to :defer:, the smtp error is instead: 451 Temporary local problem - please try later
but grep through all the exim config finds no match for 'please try later'
defer will be handled differently
instead of the verification being successful or failing, it will immediately return defer from that acl
hmm ok, i cannot pretend to fully understand this... but i am trying
in the case of :defer: however, it is not using the message provided in the virtual domains alias file, so again it must be overrided somewhere i think...
but grepping for the smtp error 'please try later' is no match

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