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I can send mail with mailx (mail blabla@gail.com) from shell
but using a imap client says smtp auth failed
mainlog shows:
2009-12-03 23:12:01 login authenticator failed for localhost (pcmedic.ath.cx) []: 535 Incorrect authentication data (set_id=tiago.geada@pcmedic.pt)
i just set up exim for the first time and was even able to send out some mails :-)
but now i keep getting "Sender address rejected: not owned by user"
the problem is that i'm sending with myuser@mymachine but should send with someuser@myhoster.com
is there a way to change the from?
i'm not really on-topic but really don't where else to go. i'm writing a contact form plugin for cms that will be used in many different environments. so far it's configured to use the website's users address as From, but i think this is bad as some spam filters might not like it. Wouldn't it be better to use Reply-To and not touch From at all (let the mailserver handle it)?
er, s/website's users/website's visitors/
nkuttler: i'd always use one of my own addresses for that...
henk: Ok. I can use the cms admin's email as the From address i guess and the visitor's as Reply-To. Makes sense?
letting the mailserver handle it assumes it's configured properly
why do you want to use the visitors address at all?
so that the admin can reply to mails
i mean, i could put it into the body, but that's not really user friendly
(besides the plugin is already used by ~1k sites, so changing that isn't an option)
ok, problem solved, thanks for the input so far
is there a way to make exim do managesieve and exim-filters at the same time?
Hey guys I am trying to up the smtp_accept_max = 100
Hey guys I am trying to up the smtp_accept_max limit, but checking exim.conf it doesn't have it in there is that because its a default, and unless it needs to be changed its not there.. e.g shall i just put it at the bottom of the exim.conf and restart ?

it needs to go in the top section
so am i right in thinking that its not set unless u need to change the default?
im making a change for an admin that aint here and it sucks as i dont know exim
if it's not already there, you need to add it, and before any "begin " line
ok let me check the config file out
what do you mean by begin lines?
i dont see any begin lines in exim.conf
just config options and comments
ahh i see one
u mena before the begin acl lines?
before any "begin " line
that's what separates the main config section from any of the others
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