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hi. I am looking for a mechanism to reject mails for certain domains (sending not receiving from). Obviously the FAQ etc is focused on receiving unwanted mail instead of sending it. Any pointers please?
try the docs :)
I did. Have not found what I was looking for. hence I ask
I tried Q0202 but to no avail. Like I said most docs are obviously focused on receiving mail, not sending it
Zathraz, check the ACLs
not the faq, use the docs
ACL's and "sender_address" and sender_domain" are the words that appeared from dark corners of my memory
but the best source of information definitely is docs and ACL section particulary
I have a local database with emailaddresses which is used for notifications when some things change. These addresses are in like 3 or 4 external domains. The app I am testing sends out these notifications. On every testrun it sends them. I do not want that. So the issue is not the sender but blocking mail to user#x@domain1.com user#x@domain2.com etc
still reading and I did try some stuff but to no avail yet, Every 5 mins a mailbomb is not very social
you have to have complete understanding about your configuration
and the docs are a great resource to achieve this
k. got it working. Except I would like to use wildcards in domainnames. example*.com to gather for example1.com example2.com etc does not seem to work :-(
kind of got that too. ty
identically configured servers using other dns servers don't have any trouble

does spf do only one txt lookup?
but exim is having trouble doing host lookups using some dns servers... i can do a "host domain.com" and get a good IP every time, but exim gives a dns host lookup error on every destination domain i try
i'm seeing temporary dns failures cause exim to reject mail, because it isn't getting a "pass" from spf, so i want to "protect" the acl with a defer before the accept
Zathraz, how about something based on condition = ${if match {$sender_address_domain}{\N^example\d+.com$\N}} ?
I was lazy. A definition as the following works also: domainlist = ^example : otherdomain.com : nodomain.tld
ty bernard
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