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petemc: are you there? :)
trying to figure out how I can reject 'large' messages faster
I have a relay server that takes mail and maxes out @20MB
I contintually have people that upload huge (almost 30M) emails
and when I reject them they just sit in their 'outboxes' and try again in 5 minutes :/
Mystique_: MTA (incoming mail) or MSA (outgoing)?
so i'm not sure how I could force a 5xx error
well their mua is sending to my exim
I'm trying to reject it at my mta
before I take it
which exim does
but then the user (mua) keeps trying again and again..
depends on the MUA, I suspect.
You may get different behaviours depending on whether you reject at MAIL time, or DATA, or post-data; or just accept then bounce.
accept+bounce is most likely to prevent the mua retrying.
and also gives the best opportunity to send a nicely-formatted error back to the user.
so that's probably the best option, unless you suspect that the return addresses aren't valid.
hmm, never thought of that..
In general, the most pragmatic approach is often:
accept+bounce submissions from your own users, using their own return paths;
reject at smtp-time for everything else.
well this is an smtp-auth relay only server..
(oh, and accept whatever you want to accept, of course :-)
I have exim on inbound mx side,
but this is purely smtp-auth relay
my other idea was to try and force exim into esmtp only
so that the SIZE would get sent
but I could not figure out how to do that..

yes, that would allow you to reject MAIL based on SIZE=x
but some MUAs may react well to that, and some might not.
If you have a limited MUA base (e.g. all Thunderbird), and that MUA reacts well to rejected MAIL, then fine.
But if not, then that doesn't help.
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