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I am trying to use string concatenation for suppressing spam and I find that it works with exim -be but not with the main config file itself
Hello All!
I've got interesting issue with exim-4.69.
2009-12-17 07:29:33 1NLFU5-0005oB-0e <= @mail.domain.com H=arda.provider.net ([]) [xxx.130.28.203] P=esmtpa A=plain: S=673 id=3A3F97FE-8E2D-4C32-AD0B-22C1809B3AB1@domain.com
what is the problem with @mail.domain.com ?
could somene help me with that?
exim than sends MAIL FROM:<@mail.domain.com> to other servers and nothing works
run it in debug mode and check the local_part
exim by itself won't send mail, the mail must originate from somewhere (smtp client or sendmail interface usually)
are there any dkim testing tools? one mail is rejected due to signature_incorrect or bodyhash_mismatch and I'm trying to figure out why
thanks, phx - debug mode helps a lot - sender adress was rewritten by "control = submission" acl option
exim sometimes make sender address looks like <"mailbox@domain.tld"@hostname.com>
in exim.conf control = submission/domain=
what is it?
I want to configure exim so that it accepts mail for several domains or users on those domains and forwards them to a remote mail host, e.g. Gmail. However all the documentation I've found for this asks me to write down my gmail password at some point in passwd.client, e.g. this: http://wiki.debian.org/GmailAndExim4
avar: You don't need a password to deliver mail to a google account....
I have a few addresses at other sites that forward to my gmail account and they didn't require that I give my password, how can I simply tell exim that it should relay say "foo@mydomain.com" to "blah@gmail.com" and have it lok up gmail.com's mx record instead of doing some password auth with gmail?
CunningPike: I'm probably just looking at the wrong documentation:)

avar: Look at the dsnlookup router
You'll need to re-write the To: header as well, of course
I don't think so, but I obviously need to supply the right "rcpt to" command to gmail's mx servers
2009-12-17 21:50:28 login authenticator failed for localhost ( []: 535 Incorrect authentication data (set_id=tiago.geada@tralala.com)