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Hello all. I have set up my system so that it routes the incoming mails for two servers using the 'unseen' routing option. It turns out that the outgoing mail is also getting back to one of the mail servers and it is not wanted. The returned message is as follows http://pastebin.com/d184e9738. How can I make the messages just get routed when going out of the mail server? Thanks in advance
hi all, I am looking for datafiles from exim logs to test a log parser. any tests cases lying around?
is there a test suite to exercize exim for many cases?
Phurl: anything that does sendmail/smtp would work
sure, I have tools to run tests.
fantastic then
the question is there a comprehensive test suite to test all the functionality
for a log file parser, the question is what patterns to I need to match
there is the documentation and source code
and other parsers
as input....
how can i configure exim to listen on ipv6,
2009-12-14 16:27:09 Malformed IP address "ff01" in local_interfaces
ok i got it! ::::1 is localhost
ok, I have a local host setup. for testing exim I would like to have delivery to local host. Basically I need to have a bunch of mail delivered to different hostss, but have them all land on my server with different ports. any suggestions
it is doing a dnslookup on the host, but i want to use the /etc/hosts...
driver = dnslookup
ok, so now i have the smarthost working
i can send mails to my test perl script
now, i just need to split it up so the exim records the delivery domain
as being different
so my question is : how can I split up the smarthosts to deal with different domains?
i would like to configure a reuouter
ok, so how can I get exim to use a local dns server?
Edit your /etc/resolv.conf
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