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henk: thanks. it turns out, the debian split config was working perfectly.( i reassigned port25). but dns for localhost was screwed up (this in a debootstrap chroot instance of debian where i am doing a test build of exim4)
so dont hate i'm clued in, set up a lot of exim/debian boxes
hi. i want to setup exim4. i send and receive email via my isp (pop3/smtp). i gather i need to configure exim4 to send email?
if you want to use exim and not your mua, yes.
but i wonder what else one could want to configure exim for... it is a mail _transfer_ agent, so that's what it does: send and receive email.
hey all.. will exim handle .forward files for virtual users?
2009-12-10 13:53:06 1NIo2I-0008HR-L3 == | php -q /home/domain/secure_html/pipe/pipe.php (support@domain.com) <support@domain.com> R=dovecot_forward defer (-30): pipe_transport unset in dovecot_forward router
anyone know whats wrong here?
Champi: ping
hi, i am trying to use string concatenation to prevent spam and i find that when i test with exim -be it works, but not in the config file itself. Any suggestions ?
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