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Is headers_add supposed to be supported in transports?
I have it working when I use driver = appendfile, but not driver = pipe
okay, well that works
how do i get deliver to deliver with mode 660 instead of 600?
i'm having trouble getting exim to direct mail to another mailer listening on the localhost (which i'm pretty sure i've done before) ... allow_localhost is set in the transport but i still get an 'remote host address is the local host'... what am i missing?
try to use 'self = send' option in your router that routes mail to another mailer on lo
that does it, thanks :)
Hello, I would like to know if it's possible to relay to a particular SMTP server (with authentication) regarding a specific From: domain. i.e. all mail are going to <default.smtp.isp.com>, except all mails coming from <domain> and then sent them to <smtp.domain.com>
since I'm really a noob with exim, I'm not sure which part of documentation read. redirect routeur?
hello i am a noob and i need help: ** donotreply@foo.com R=dnslookup T=remote_smtp: SMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT TO:<donotreply@foo.com>: host mail.foo.com []: 550 5.7.0 Your server IP address is in the SpamHaus SBL-XBL database, bye~
what ip is in spamhaus?
the one mentioned is not
have you googled for spamhaus sbl-xbl?
i read through it, my problem is that i dont understand the log

i checked my IP and the destination and none are in spamhaus
that ip is not my real one
perhaps not anymore?
i have waited 3 days
it is listed in the PBL
but that seems to be normal
since its ec2
(amazon cloud)
but you are telling me that Your server IP address is in the SpamHaus SBL-XBL database. refers to the ip
ah, no sorry...
that refers to the ip address that appears to be making the connection to the server saying this.
i.e. your public ip
hmm odd
my ip is not in spamhaus
atleast not in the mentioned database
then you will have to contact the adminstrator of the other server i guess...
and ask him wtf his server is doing :)
i am getting : relay not permitted as well
im pretty sure its my mailserver which is busted
i almost never touch email servers
relay thing is related to spammers sending me emails i think
ok thanks for the info though
i have no idea what you are telling me and why o_O
np :) thanks for your help
ok, welcome :)
Hi there! Could somebody help me with some exim configuration? I'm trying to setup sieve filtering with maildirs. I get an error "appendfile: file or directory name "Maildir/dir/" is not absolute
If I put a "directory = $home/Maildir" in my transport declaration it gets delivered to my inbox.
How can I get it to prepend $home to the directory from my filter?
directory = $home/Maildir/$???
The docs have an example for handling the name inbox using $address_file, is that what I want to use?
Yep, that seems to do the trick!
I have another problem with the redirect-driver for filters though. The keep action goes to "inbox" so I've added a file_transport = address_file, with address_file having the file = ${if eq{$address_file}{inbox}-stanza from the manual.
I get an error: Permission denied: creating lock file hitching post /var/mail/username.lock.host.domain.com.4b143898.00004d77
What is it trying to do?
I've found "directory = ${sg {$address_file} {(^[Ii][Nn][Bb][Oo][Xx])(.*)\/*} {$home/Maildir/\$2/} }"
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