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guys, what conf file should I update to change the outgoing IP exim uses?
hi, i'm having some trouble adding a domain to my backup-mx...
exim4 -bhc is accepting mail to that domain, as does telnet localhost 25
but telnet from a remote host gets the error "550 relay not permitted"
restart exim?
Simon-: thanks for stating the obvious :-P
(Action) assumed update-exim4.conf.conf would do that (bad assumption)
hi. Im using debian
Im mixed up with the setting
I commented out the av_scanner and stoped clamav
now exim complains about /var/run/sophie
2009-11-29 17:33:03 1NEndv-0003TW-QG <= "tiago.geada@pcmedic.pt"@devel H=localhost ( [] P=esmtpsa X=TLS1.0:DHE_RSA_AES_256_CBC_SHA1:32 A=login:tiago.geada@pcmedic.pt S=1302 id=594619bf85adcbceb0c03e473a5c1263@localhost from <tiago.geada@pcmedic.pt> for cusco@tretas.eu
2009-11-29 17:33:03 1NEndv-0003TW-QG ** cusco@tretas.eu: Unknown user
whats wrong with the routing options?
why is it treating it as localuser
2009-11-29 17:58:50 1NEo2s-0003ZE-MY == tiago.geada@gmail.com R=relayhost defer (-30): transport "relay_smtp" not found in relayhost router
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